Insomnia vs. Sweet Sleep

Dear Reader:

Have you ever dealt with insomnia? For anyone that has, they understand how truly frustrating it can be. There are many things we can go without and still survive, but sleep is not one of them. I have had insomnia issues that I don’t talk about too often for the last 17 years. A few months ago, it was so bad that I finally decided to talk to my doctor about it. Proof that I don’t ever talk about it much, I simply became used to suffering in silence. We came up with a game plan to catch up on some of the sleep that I was missing and it went well. However, that plan also included doubling the dose of my “sleep medication” for a period of 2 weeks. It helped, but my doctor doesn’t want me on the medication anymore. My resolve was to research some natural treatments to help and before you even ask, melatonin has never helped and doesn’t work. I dug into all the research that I could regarding essential oils and sleep. I began with diffusing lavender essential oil before bed, rubbing it on the bottom of my feet, my upper lip and my forehead. It worked for a little while, but it didn’t seem to be enough to keep me asleep. I ended up asking my doctor if he could extend my prescription one more time at the regular dose just for the nights that I was having trouble staying asleep. He complied, bless his heart. Knowing the ultimate goal is to no longer depend on that medication, I went back to the drawing board.

Understand, that I have always believed in taking the most natural approach for many types of ailments as possible. I’ve been taking this approach since my children were small (read my previous blog post about my children and their ear infections). I have been delving into the essential oils and the clear benefits and impact they have for not only myself but my family. Now, back to the insomnia issue after that brief break. I found a great recipe for a pillow spray using both lavender and cedarwood essential oils. I felt like a chemist creating the mixture in a 2oz. spray bottle, but it worked like wonders. I slept through the night and had a deep restful sleep. The essential oils get credit for helping me with my insomnia, sleep or lack thereof is no longer an issue for me. When something helps you with an issue that you have dealt with for so long, you share it. Then if you’re smart, you do more research and find other ways that essential oils can help. I’m on a quest and will be sharing in my journey along the way.

**Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot make any medical claims in regards to essential oils. All I desire to do with this blog is share how essential oils have helped me. The following blog post is my perspective and my opinions only.

***If you would be interested in creating your own story with essential oils, please visit my website https://www.myyl.com/kailumcqueen and send me a message if you’d like the recipe for the pillow spray or google it.

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