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Put Compassion First

Have you ever woken up and just had a crappy day from the moment your feet hit the ground? Well, guess what my friends, that was my morning. The purpose of this blog is not to complain, the purpose is to share a story with the world.

It started with waking up at 1:30 am not being able to go back to sleep until about 4:45 am. Then waking up to a stiff neck that was painful most of the morning. Did I mention that I had a staff meeting that I had to get to? In my grumpy state, I picked a fight with my best friend…If you’re a woman, please don’t try and tell me that you’ve never done that before, because that would be a lie. I then proceeded to leave the house frustrated and forgot my debit card (I wasn’t getting anywhere without needed gas in my car), only to discover that I forget more than just my debit card and had to come all the way back home. I was angry at myself for picking the fight with my beloved husband and even angrier that I had to come back home. Oh, by the way, I would be remiss to not share with you that my debit card had been in my wallet the entire time (insert angry face emoji here). I went to my meeting and felt like the biggest Debbie downer of them all. If anyone with the name Debbie read’s this, please forgive me for attributing something negative to your name (insert an I’m sorry emoji here). I then received some text communications, that began to chip away at my core. I had some opposition come at me today. All in all, it was a crappy morning. But things got better!!!

But things got better!!! I had 4 people today, listen to me say what I needed to say and then they just loved me right where I was at, they poured wisdom and love into that core that had been shattering and God used their love like glue to mend some of those broken pieces. And the story is not yet over.

After receiving the healing that I needed from their words, I left work to run a few errands and then head home for the rest of the day. Then the icing on the cake of my crappy morning occurred (insert dramatic music here). Driving down a typically busy street in my home town, I put on my breaks to prevent hitting the car that abruptly came to a stop in front of me, whew, I didn’t hit them. However, the car behind me did hit me and I mean hard. I want you to think for a moment about the society we live in today? Are you thinking? It’s pretty up in your face right now – every where. Now, insert the phrase “but God” and I’m being serious, not taking the Lord’s name in vain. Remember, I just left my work feeling blessed because of the 4 people that spoke into my life this morning. I didn’t want to stop in the middle of the busy street and draw attention to anything, so I called my husband and said, babe, I’ve just been hit. I told him I was fine, what my current destination was and hung up the phone. The car that hit me, seemed to understand what I was doing as I pulled into the local Office Max parking lot. With trepidation, I got out of my car as he pulled up behind. I checked my car and there wasn’t even a dent ( I drive a #Subaru). You could see low on the bumper where some of his red racing stripes smudged the bumper, but no visible damage was on either car. I walked up to the young men, who appeared to be about the age of my two son’s and he looked scared. In my secret prayer place (inside my head), I asked God that despite the day I had, would He allow me to be a blessing to this scared young man. We chatted for a minute, with us both asking each other if we were ok and then I looked at him and smiled. I said to him,  “you’re okay and I’m okay”, I gave him a high five which stunned him and told him to have a blessed day. Please do not come at me and tell me that we should have exchanged paperwork because I wasn’t feeling that. I was looking into the eyes of a scared young man and just wanted to be kind. The same way that I would want someone to show compassion to any of my grown children. I heard somewhere deep in my heart these words…Compassion First. The thought occurred to me that he could have yelled, heck I could have yelled, but don’t we already see enough of that in the world? I wanted to be kind, after all, the only one to blame for my bad day was me, not him. If I could start a movement that would spread like a disease, it would be the #putcompassionfirst movement. I would hope that everyone in the world would get infected with it, be so sick with it that simply began to spew compassion every where that they went.

Society is imploding right now, and I will not be someone who adds to it. I love people and proceeded to chat with complete strangers while I was getting a pedicure. My crappy day turned out alright. Everyone has stuff going on, none of us really know what the person next to us is going through. Don’t be afraid to share a simple story. My story was not to brag or to puff myself up, my story was to show that opportunities present themselves and we need to be ready to see them and act on them, no matter how crappy our days may have started out.

I challenge you to show compassion, even at a time when you’re really not feeling it. Help me spread the disease of compassion, I promise you it will turn your day around and put a smile on your face. I also challenge you to be transparent, so people don’t feel so alone in this great big world. Be blessed my readers, my recent absence from my blog is serving a purpose that is bigger than myself.

Love, Kailu

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