Daily Prompt: Pest

via Daily Prompt: Pest

It is my belief that our thought life can be a real pest. It can either drive us just about crazy running non-stop before bed or during the day or we need to learn to use it to our benefit. Thoughts can either keep us on track with projects or completely derail us, causing major damage along the way. Isn’t it obvious in just the first few sentences how our thoughts can be a pest? My mind runs constantly and that is okay to a degree, then I have to find ways to tame the pest that my thoughts can be.

One resource I use is an app on my iPhone and iPad called Cozi Family Organizer which can be found at www.cozi.com. This phone application has turned out to be a great resource for both my husband and me. While its purpose is a family resource, our children are adults now so we use this application between the two of us and it works out great. When either of us adds things to the calendar, we both can see it and there is also a shared shopping list and to-do list. Why do I mention this in this post, let me give you an example: I’m getting ready to run errands for the day, or open up my web browser and contemplate my next blog post and I remember that I need something from the store – (enter the “pest” that are my thoughts) – I open my Cozi account and put the items on the list. The simple act of doing that plucks that “pest” out of my mind and I continue on with what I was doing. It also works when making sure that I plug all of my activities, events or appointments into the calendar. It saves me from double-booking things and looking like a complete flake. This is one of the tools I use that keep my thoughts from running a muck in my brain.

I think what I am trying to propose here is that when I read the daily prompt for pest and the offer to use it in a blog, inspiration struck. I knew what I considered to be a pest and wanted to write about it. If you would like to find out about other ways that I tame the thoughts running around in my head, please subscribe to my blog and see what comes next. I have lots of great ideas and know which ones work well for me. I would be more than happy to share them you.


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