Lifelong learning

Do something – Learn something new!

Are you a lifelong learner? Wait, Kailu, what do you mean? What are you talking about? What is a lifelong learner? A lifelong learner is someone who continues to grow, they don’t stop. Learning doesn’t end when you graduate high school or finish college. Learning shouldn’t even end when you finally land your dream job. If you stop learning on that job, then you ultimately do a disservice to the people that you work with? They hired you because they saw something in you that they believed would be valuable to the workplace and the job. The moment you decide to stop learning and improving yourself, then your value has diminished.

Through every phase of our lives we are learning (if we’re not, we should be). Whether it be training for a new job, a conference we heard about, a podcast that we are listening to. Learning is found in the opportunities that we invite into our lives. Those moments you read an article and see something that peaks your interest. Following through on that is what makes you a lifelong learner. When you make a conscious choice to find something to learn, that is when you know that you are a lifelong learner. People who become stuck or frustrated, do so because they want an opportunity to learn something, to do something more than just what they are doing. We all get into ruts, and the only person that is going to pull us out of that rut is ourselves. My advice, take up a new hobby, look into starting a certificate program at your local junior college or online. Browse and locate a podcast that is talking about something you are interested in. Start a blog. Whatever you do, just do something different and learn something new. Always grow, there is peace in that.

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